It’s your town and your future … here’s a way we could work together

BoA2026 is the first step in agreeing a shared plan for the sustainable development of our town. We want people of all ages to help shape how Bradford on Avon works, looks and feels in the years ahead.

First, we need to build a framework and process to ensure that the level of distrust and antagonism that was witnessed over the footbridge is not repeated. Bradford on Avon is at a new stage in its own long history, but, in common with small towns throughout England, it also faces a number of fundamental challenges. Working together to a set of common aims, we should be capable of facing the challenges and setting a strong course to the future.

You can read the complete report in a low-resolution version here (2Mb). A high resolution version (55Mb) can be obtained by request, using the form below. 

The consultation that has led to this draft Report proposes how we can give ourselves the tools to do the job. We hope it will provide a platform from which the town’s people will be motivated, mobilised and engaged to create a future that the town wants and deserves. From a planning perspective, we may need to seek specific planning tools for specific aspects of the plan of action, such as Supplementary Planning Documents, Development Plan Documents, Development Briefs and/or a Neighbourhood Plan. Decisions on those will be made in due course.

  1. The draft Report recommends the creation of two elements:THE 2026 MOMENTUM GROUP will bring together groups, societies, individuals and town institutions through an initiative to harness the creative and passionate thinking that is such a characteristic of the town – and to find consensus over the selection of projects for the future.
  2. THE BoA2026 WEBSITE will act as host to future workstreams and projects – allowing public and open access to all relevant documents, reports etc. Crucially, this will enable people to engage in ways that suit their own availability and inclination. It should make it easier for people to get involved who, for whatever reason, do not choose to be involved through existing groups. It should allow for a more democratic and inclusive approach.

BoA2026 is a partnership between Bradford on Avon Town Council, Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon and the Bradford on Avon Development Trust, which is responsible for managing the events. The cost of BoA2026 has been met by Wiltshire Council’s Bradford on Avon Community Area Board, the Mid Wiltshire Economic Partnership (through WestWilts Enterprise Ltd), Bradford on Avon Town Council and the Bradford on Avon Development Trust.

About this website

This website was created at the time of the BoA2026 Scoping Study for Bradford on Avon in 2011-2012 and is not being updated as of mid-2012. Following meetings of the Momentum Group set up as a resiult of this exercise, it was decided that the work of planning for the future of the town would be continued as part of a putative Neighbourhood Plan. Details available from BoA Town Council. A new Neighbourhood Plan website will be launched in due course.

About BoA2026

The draft proposals contained in this Report are designed to make it easier for the people of the town to help shape how Bradford on Avon works, looks and feels in the years ahead.